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Being PART-FCL certificated allows Alfako to operate as ATO 013 (Approved Training Organisation) and therefore, to teach for private and commercial flight licenses and following endorsements such as Multi-Engine, Instrument Ratings, Advanced UPRT and others.

Find here the approval certificate.

We work on a modular basis. This means that candidates for a professional pilot's license build up their experience by following the modules PPL (private pilot), CPL (professional pilot), IR (instrument rating) and ME (Multi-Engine) at the time and schedule they choose. Important is also that after each module the candidate has the choice to continue with us or to go to another school. Freedom is important for us.

SEE COURSE MENU for all training provided by ALFAKO.

The major advantage of working on a modular basis is that the candidate can spread the training costs allowing a better budget management.

All ground and flight training courses are provided by our team of motivated instructors who have been training pilots for the past 25 years.

Large numbers of private and professional pilots, working for a large number of airline companies, have been trained by our staff and are in some cases now Instructors or Post Holders in the ALFAKO team.

All courses are divided in theoretical sessions, to be held in the classroom OR DISTANCE LEARNING.

For flight training a number of suitable aircraft maintained in our own CAMO and WORKSHOP at Kortrijk airport.

We kindly invite you to visit our Pilot School and meet our instructors and our fleet. Discover an exciting pastime or take the first steps to the fascinating profession as an airline pilot.


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